Friday, July 2, 2010

36 Week Appointment

I had a very unique experience at my appointment yesterday. Right as the doctor was coming in I told Josh that my tummy felt so tight and it got all contorted and then as I went to lay down to be checked I had the sharpest pain in my abdomen. It hurt so much that I couldn't even lay down for a minute. Apparently I had my first real contraction, not braxton hicks. That's what the Doctor said anyway. I think that was an "aha" moment for me that Emslee could come anytime in the next few weeks. Up until that point I don't think I had fully grasped that concept. Emslee is head down and moving like crazy! She kept me up all night last night. I'm getting used to having little to no sleep, though, and it's probably a good thing! Due to my insurance running out July nice....the doctor said she'd induce on the 20th if I want.'s crazy that that's only 18 days away! As for now that's the update and I'll be back there again next Thursday to see if I am dilated at all. Praying I come before the 20th...that would be SO nice since I can't stand the heat anymore :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July! Random thoughts...

I couldn't be more happier that today is officially July 1st! That means I'm even closer to meeting my baby girl Emslee! Josh and I are so beyond ready to meet her and wish she'd make an appearance a little early. It's not just our desire, but it's a definite need as I lose my school insurance on July 31st. I can't go a week late or I'll be off my insurance. Therefore, I'm going to stay as active as I can and do everything possible (and natural) to induce labor and get the ball rolling. If it gets to July 27th I'm most likely going to have to be induced.

I have cleaned our apartment as much as I possibly can and it's wonderful! Emslee's nursery is almost done as well! I have a few more things I want to do before I post pics, but it's essentially done. The last major thing we need to do before she arrives is screen in our patio. It's not a necessity, but it's going to be so nice to have a clean patio! You see, every time I sweep off the leaves, the lawn people come by and blow it right back on. With a screen there it won't happen again...yay! Not to mention when the weather does cool down we'll be able to open our patio doors and turn off the AC without bugs coming in!

I'm now 36 weeks and 2 days pregnant and it's hard to imagine Emslee growing even bigger. My doctor said I could easily deliver an 8 pound baby (oh boy..sarcasm). That would be another reason I wouldn't mind delivering early. My fundal height is right on track. My belly feels huge, but it's not bigger than it should be. Emslee is a VERY active little girl and often times I find myself pushing on my belly to keep her from pushing out on the sides. It can be painful. I'm hoping I'll find out at the appointment today if she's head down. I have no idea. Sometimes I think she is and other times it's like she's laying sideways across my belly.

It's getting harder to do simple chores around the apartment without being out of breath five minutes into it lol. I have to take many breaks! The hot flashes are awful and I think our electric bill must be outrageous, because I am hot all the time! We have the fans running and the AC. Have I told you how much I love Florida summers (note the sarcasm), especially when you're almost 9 months pregnant???? The heat is almost unbearable. If I want to walk I have to do it in the stores, because as soon as I walk outside I start sweating and my feet start to swell. No fun!

It's also very sad that I am sleeping on the couch now. I have been doing so for over a week now. I miss being with Josh, but our bed is so high that it's very painful to get in and out of...especially when you have to get up 4 times a night to pee. The couch is much lower to the ground :)

I'll post pics of Emslee's nursery later...and maybe my belly. We'll see :) Happy July everyone!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have never been so ready for school to be out in my entire life! I have enjoyed having the same group of kids in my class for 2 years now and I'm sad to see them go, but I was so ready to be done and rest! I know being out of school for 4 days now has done wonders for me as my feet have shrunk back to normal and I've been able to keep them that way for a few days! Hopefully I'll be able to post more on here now that I have more time! I do have a huge list of "nesting" things to do though first! I'm going to go get started on those now, but at least I gave you a small update!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's so amazing

to feel my baby girl move around inside my belly! Sometimes it's not as when I really have to go to the bathroom and she insists on kicking on my bladder...but for the most part it's the most incredible thing! I love her so much and I can't wait to meet her in July!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Senate Bill #6

Let me just say, that when I was growing up, becoming a teacher was my dream! I played school all the time and for as long as I can remember my passion was to teach! When I found out I was pregnant I knew that I was going to take a leave of absence and most likely stay home if the Lord allowed. I plan on homeschooling my children. Having taught for the last 4 years has changed my view of what I thought being a teacher was going to be. Let me explain this further:

You see, I couldn't wait to do tons of hands-on activities, experiments, arts and crafts. Of course those are the things I did as a child and LOVED! Unfortunately, as the last 4 years have played out, there has been more and more pressure to drop the "fun" things and teach, teach, teach all those standards. Don't get me wrong, it's vital to teach the standards, but I was finding that I no longer had time to do all the "fun" things, even though they had an academic basis. Meaning they weren't just art activities, they were tied to the standards. Needless to say the amount of things to teach the children all while taking into consideration the differing abilities of the students, and fitting this into a school day where you are tied down to a 90 minute reading block, 50 minute math block, 30 minute intervention block, 30 minute exercise block (seriously..), etc, is nearly impossible. I say all this to say that I have noticed that every year we, as teachers, are expected to do more and more and be paid the same amount. Many of us work over 4o hours a week with no overtime pay and constantly being ridiculed by legislators and business people who insist on running our schools. We are told we are nothing more than babysitters and not professionals. Why do we put up with this and a meager salary? All because we care about the kids and love being with them! That's what's important.

Well, this week I found out that there is a new bill (see my title) that is in the process of being passed. If this bill passes it will not be a good thing. I had to teach 3 years and be observed frequently to earn a professional contract which I would now lose according to this bill. All teachers would be placed on a probationary contract for up to five years, at which time we could earn an annual contract. Except for teachers who are hired after July 2010, they would get an annual contract automatically. EVERY teacher, no matter if you've taught 1 year or 30, would start at the same salary. This means a pay cut for almost every single teacher employed. Then, to top it off, 50% of the salary would be dependent on how well your students perform on a test (that is yet to be created). We, as teachers, know that we do everything we can to make sure our kids succeed. However, we have absolutely NO control over the parental support. Parental support is vital to a child's success and those students who don't have it are not nearly as successful. That being said, if I just happened to get a class that was filled with a majority of students who are low in academics then my salary would most likely be affected by being lower. In addition, teachers who worked to get their masters or national board certification would lose their salary bonus. In other words, there is no incentive for getting a masters or board certification anymore. This bill, if passed, would be stressful on teachers (not like we're not stressed enough).

The teachers are at my school are ready to quit if this passes. These are teachers who are amazing and have been doing so for 15-30 years. What a loss to the students in our country! Personally, I will quit as well, although that was already an option I was seriously considering. It is sad to think that my salary would be dependent on my students. There are a few male teachers are my school who are feeling the stress of being the sole provider for their family on a teachers salary and now might have to deal with this new bill. Everyone I've talked to would rather get a job at an office and sit at a desk all day and get paid more to be under less stress and work less hours.

I say all this mainly to inform you all. This bill is being portrayed as a wonderful thing and the truth is, it's crazy. I am not worried about it as I know the Lord will provide for my family and we'll be okay. My concern is for the children in our country who go to public schools...and who's going to teach them if all the seasoned teachers quit? Just my thoughts...I'd love to hear yours!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I guess it's time...

for an update. I haven't been good about keeping up with this blog, because honestly, I've been very busy! Shortly after my last post I found out I was pregnant! Josh and I weren't preventing, but we weren't trying. We had been trusting in the Lord to provide us a child in His timing. To think He chose the time right after he gave my husband a job is so unbelievably amazing, especially since it had been 11 months of no work! His sovereignty is unfathomable! Since that time we have been trying to wrap our mind around the fact that 1) there is a baby growing inside my belly 2)we are so undeserving to be this blessed 3) we are going to have a third person living with us and 4) how in the world is this all gonna work.

Well, I can honestly say, that after 11 months of struggling to survive on one income, I trust fully that the Lord will provide for us with a child. His Word says that children are a blessing...and He even blesses the man who's quiver is full of them! Josh and I have decided that I am going to stay home with the baby! I cannot wait to take on this new role in my life and be there to see our baby girl's milestones! I realize it will be tough living on one income, but it's all about being content with what we have. Josh is so serious about keeping me home, that he has offered to work 2 jobs. I am so blessed to have a husband who is striving to provide for our family! This new chapter in our lives is going to be so exciting!!

Our little girl is due on July 27, 2010. I am now 21 weeks pregnant and feeling her move all the time! She is very active! It's hard to live with my growing belly....but knowing that our girl is inside makes it all worth it (especially when she kicks, like she's doing now)! As far as names go, Josh and I have not "officially" chosen one. We have narrowed it down a lot and I THINK we will name her Emslee Grace. Emsleee means a gift from God, and that is also what Grace is! We feel that the name suits what our precious baby girl is to us! She's a gift! We would call her Em, Emma, or Emmy for short. Again, this is not for sure, yet, but we're almost positive that she is our Emslee Grace.

I am still teaching and looking forward to being home this summer! I didn't realize how exhausting it was going to be to teach full time while being pregnant. I am thankful to the Lord for the job, but so looking forward to summer! Only 55 more days to go!! Spring break is also a few weeks away and will be spent resting I'm sure! My kids at school are very excited about the baby. The girls often rub my belly and talk to her as they pass by. Today they noticed how wide my belly button is and were infatuated with the fact that they could stick their entire finger inside and still have room lol! My boys are disappointed that "she" is not a "he" and don't talk too much about her. Deep down, though, I know they're excited! The best part of being pregnant this school year is being able to share it with this class. This is my 2nd year with these kids and they've been my most memorable and loving kids yet! I wouldn't want to share it with any other class!

Josh is thoroughly enjoying his new job! He has had nothing but good reviews since he started and they are talking about promoting him in August, which means a substantial raise! We pray that this would happen as it would help us greatly, but know the Lord's will is best! Josh is still taking classes, very slowly, at UCF. He only has about 4 more to go. Unfortunately, he's only able to take 1 a semester since he's working full time and so we're not sure when he'll finish. We know he will though :)

I guess that's the big updates for now. I'm off to listen to the sermon from church on Sunday. Our pastor finished up going through the book of Romans and now we're moving on to Revelation!! I worked the nursery this past Sunday, so I missed it. What an exciting book of the bible!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Putting of Life Dominating Sins

I did it! I finished a book :)

I read it all in one was pretty short. The book is by Susan Heck. It was majorly convicting. Let's just say that as Christians we need to be actively killing our sin. To live with sin goes against the character of a Christian. How seriously do you take your sin? Are you content to just let it be in your life? These are not the qualities of a repentant Christian. My favorite quote of the whole book is:

"The sins we continually commit and refuse to put off cause us to quench God's Spirit in our life and hinder our growth. They are displeasing to God. It is just like a child who continually disobeys his parents without changing; it is grievous!" ~Susan Heck, Putting off Life Dominating Sins

I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone! In fact, I have 2 extra copies! If you would like one message me and I'll be happy to get it to you! Now off to finish another book....The Excellent Wife!